Before I started life coaching with Maripat, I was at a 3 out of 10 in the area of my career.  I was splitting my energy between two different career fields, not excelling at either and feeling drained. Through my work with Maripat, I realized I was only pursuing one of those fields out of habit, decided to re-strategize, and let that one go. I began to focus in on my work as a model and began not only working for more money, but feeling more purposeful. And, I've begun a plan for 'what's next' in my career after modeling, and am excited to be embarking on a side business that is an extension of my modeling work. I'm at an 8 of 10 and climbing right now.

Amanda Batcher, FORD Model; AmandaBatcher.com


January of 2016 was a really tough time in my life. In the areas of physical and mental health, I was around a 1 out of 10. In our coaching, Maripat and I quickly established those two areas as priorities and we developed a plan. I added in things like meditation, gratitude, personal development, meal planning, body movement, and getting more sleep. I made my health a priority and wasn’t apologetic for it. It’s now over a year later, and I’m at a 9 out of 10 in physical and mental wellness. It didn’t happen overnight, it’s not a quick fix, but I stayed the course. My husband has increased his overall wellness, too, because as my lifestyle became more healthy, so did his! Not only do I feel 100% better, I just earned a degree to become a  Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and am leading others into life transformations as I learned too well how moving through change happens faster with a coach than on your own.  

Shawna Stacey, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach; Whole Wellness By Design


Before I started life coaching with Maripat, I was at a 5 out of 10 in the area of present moment.  I had not known how to focus goals around “being” - I was always so focused on what I needed to DO next that I was restless and agitated about not being able to achieve enough.  Now, after exploring techniques and strategies with Maripat, I am in touch with a peace of mind that provides me serenity.  I am grateful to be able to let go of what does not serve me and embrace the present moment.  I am much happier now, at an 8-9, and able to share what I have learned with others.


Marti Lawrence LMSW, CFRE; Director of Community Engagement 


Before I started coaching with Maripat, I was at a 0 out of 10 in understanding my relationship to self, because I was in a tumultuous relationship with my career and I allowed it to dictate my life - the ups and downs determined my moods for days on end, my successes or lack thereof defined my self-worth and my ability to connect with others.

Since working with Maripat for the last three years, I find myself an empowered and aware woman, understanding that my relationship to self is truly what affects my career path, relationships, and overall health. Through building this relationship to self with Maripat's gentle guidance and wisdom, I've discovered how hard I am on myself and how I allow others to define my self-worth. Maripat has a way of opening my eyes to these unhealthy aspects of my life without overwhelming me with all of the ways I need to change immediately. She allows me to discover what works for me organically, by asking questions that sometimes bring up skeletons I wouldn't have otherwise examined. Every time an uncomfortable or terrifying trigger comes up, Maripat helps me face it head on and work through it rather than running away or trying to get around it.

Now, I find myself at a 7 in my relationship to self. I work to forgive my mistakes and observe the way I beat myself up, and Maripat has given me the tools to do so. She has inspired the self-care regimens I've implemented in my life such as movement, counseling, and meditation, and I am proud to stand strong in a healthier place where I confidently set boundaries and unapologetically ask for what I need. My favorite Maripat moments are when she drops these treasures of wisdom in our calls that I have scribbled on post-it notes all over my apartment. I pay it forward and share these treasures with friends and family all the time, spreading Maripat's guidance with anyone that needs it. Her work helps me inspire others all the time. She constantly reminds me that I am a force, a leader, and a gift to those I work with, and I know that I am a true reflection of her - for she is all of these wonders as well.

Amanda Trusty, Artistic Director, Teaching Artist, Author; Kona Dance and Performing Arts; AmandaTrusty∫ HuffPost


Why did I choose Maripat?
Caring with accountabilty.
Listening with adaptability.
Humility with authority.
What were the results in working with Maripat?
I can best answer by quoting Andy Stanley, author of Next Generation Leader:
" You will never maximize your potential in any area without coaching. It is impossible. You may be good. You may be even better than everyone else. But without outside input you will never be as good as you could be. We all do better when someone else is watching and evaluating... Self evaluation is helpful, but evaluation from someone else is essential."
Maripat helped me and several of my clients be " more than we ever could be".
Thank you, Maripat.

Bob Gambone, The Working Entrepreneurs' Business Coach, BobGambone.com



Working with Maripat leaves me feeling light, yet grounded and purposeful. During our most recent session, it was 8am and I had already given up on the day. I was bogged down with an unfortunate circumstance on top of a fight with someone close to me - leaving me feeling hopeless and negative. After listening, Maripat was able to make sense of what was going on in my struggle between who I am and who I want to be in key situations and relationships. From there, she suggested simple things to do to move me forward which completely changed my perspective. By focusing on softening my approach, staying light, practicing the power of the pause, and nourishing myself with the things I love, I feel like I am able to be the best version of myself to everyone in my life, regardless of what happens or tries to deter my path of purpose. I'm very grateful for the clarity she has brought to my life in a short amount of time! Thank you, Maripat! 

Stephanie Guerre, Local Relationship Manager at Cultivate Advisors


When I began life coaching, in the area of self-worth, I was at about a 3 or 4.  That recognition was tough, but without that awareness, I wouldn’t have moved into more self-acceptance and self-confidence, two qualities imperative for success in all life areas.  Maripat helped me to hear the negative self-talk and constant self-judgment and diffuse them.  With this newfound confidence, I’ve been able to allow my creative expression to thrive, even to the point of creating a business and challenging myself to try new mediums.  I’m now happy to be at an 8 in this life area. I've also fostered a new, positive relationship with my body. Before I started life coaching with Maripat, I was completely disconnected from my body and often treated exercise as a necessary evil.  This showed up as a 3 out of 10 in the area of body movement.  Working with Maripat, body movement, which most often includes yoga, pilates, and enjoyable walks with friends, has become a vital and enjoyable component of self care.  I recognize body movement as a form of self love and have allowed myself to seek options that truly feel nourishing.  This has had a ripple effect into other aspects of my life, enhancing my marriage and creativity, and I also find I choose to get adequate sleep and eat healthier as well, leaving me feeling more balanced, energetic and positive.  Now I’d rank this area as an 8 out of 10.

 Ginny Laukka, Creative Spirit; GinspirationalDesigns llc


Working with Maripat is an absolute joy!

When one’s spirit is in pain, it is hard to see things clearly, and with Maripat’s coaching I was able to see much more clearly, and make life-changing decisions that have made my life much more joyful.  As a single mother, I could easily have lost sight of who I am with the daily demands and expectations that I encounter. While I continue on this journey, I still seek guidance from Maripat, whom I believe is an instrumental asset in my life.

Tanya Cunninghan;  Tanya Homes Realty Group


What began as a business meeting developed into a life coaching relationship.  When I first met Maripat, I was struck by how easily it seemed to be able to talk with her and that the “place” that she seemed to be coming from was not “judgment”, but sincere interest, empathy, thoughtfulness and a sense of calm. It was evidenced by her demeanor, cadence and her quest for the right questions that seemed to build on one another as we explored what was on my mind at the time… more accurately, time and time again!

Since that first conversation, my life has taken many twists and turns, and my life coach has always been ready, willing and able to listen, interact as appropriate and assist me in navigating what Life has brought my direction. For that, I am very thankful. 

I happen to believe that when one person helps another, it is a gift waiting to be opened – and when it is accepted by the other, that gift has been opened from the heart, and forever remembered.

Thank You, Maripat. You’re One of a Kind!

David Rubin; Suited To You Fine Men's Clothing




What is the value of a life coach? While I can’t speak for all coaching professionals, I can affirm that my work with Maripat is a rare and cherished gift. Maripat provides a centering force that grounds me, offers focus, and elevates my thinking and feelings. In the rush of everyday life it’s easy to become disconnected from my true self and the influences that offer authentic guidance.  With insightful questions, as well as loving and respectful feedback, Maripat helps me confront the cultural “rules” and behaviors I’ve internalized. As a result, I am able to reconnect to what is right for me without preconceived notions or expectations. Through my relationship with Maripat, I’ve learned to trust in my life process and its evolving outcomes. I am able to access new places—places I knew were there but couldn’t reach through all the noise in my head, in the world, and in my heart. Now I know that I can process life lessons on my own through a lot of frustrating trial and error—or I can work with a skilled practitioner and arrive at my destination with ease and comfort. Maripat is a partner in my success—personally and professionally—and I treasure our work together.


Jennifer Johnsen-Nazareth, AgentJohnsen Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.


Before working with Maripat, I let my fears, worries and concerns take a lot of time and energy out of my life (and sometimes even take over!); I also didn’t always feel that I was living or speaking about what was important to me.  Since we started working together, I am feeling more aware of myself and who I am, as well as more confidence with and acceptance of where I’m at in pretty much all areas of my life (personal, family and professional) as well as more comfort in truly being “me” in relationships.

Robin Massey, Author and Teacher;  RobinMassey.com


I've attended many of Maripat’s sessions and have met with her about both personal and professional development opportunities and growth.  Easily one of the best experience’s I have had with a very professional, caring, and insightful life coach.  I would not hesitate to refer anyone to she and her company.


Antonio Floro, Vice President, Business Banking; NexTier Bank



I've found working with Maripat a great way to get out of my head and on with my life. Her "wheel approach" to looking at a balanced life helped me to quickly assess the best place to start. Not only is she a great listener, she's great at getting to the why behind the why, unlocking forward momentum. Her notes are helpful, and her challenges have held me accountable to keep working towards what I truly want my life to be!  If you're ready for a change, start working with her today!

Kris Porter, Styling + Staging



I felt the connection with Maripat the first time we met at a networking event. Her level of professionalism was evident, as was her caring nature. I decided to try a yoga class and thought it would be similar to others I have taken. Boy, was I wrong! The atmosphere, the instruction, and the overall yoga experience was one that I will never forget. I have been referring her services consistently since that class. I can only say amazing things about Maripat and More Peace Life Coaching.

Jennifer Glacken CEO & President at Glacken Health and Wellness; Glacken Health & Wellness



I've had the pleasure of utilizing Maripat's 5- minute meditation on a regular basis as I write my book. I begin each writing session with her soothing voice taking me to a place of calmness and clarity. The meditation exercise centers me and sets a positive tone for my writing sessions. 

Maripat Abbott truly exudes the essence of her brand "More Peace".


Sandra Lane, Board Certified Professional Organizer; Organization Lane


I have been working with Maripat as a yoga student, in life coaching, and as a participant in one of her retreats for the past 9 years. She is always well-prepared for whatever she is doing, whether it is a yoga class, a coaching session or a whole weekend retreat. She plans for the needs of her clients in every setting without forcing her beliefs but allowing each person to be challenged at their pace and need. Maripat is skilled in her areas of training but is constantly seeking to grow herself by bringing greater depth and new perspectives to her yoga, retreats and coaching and often totally new practices. She is intuitive and clear in her guidance of those she coaches while maintaining kindness and excellent professionalism. In short, she is the total package – an excellent person with whom to work on growing yourself and enhancing your life journey. I highly recommend her!


Kay Phillips; Energy Touch Practitioner and Grandma


Maripat has had influence on two areas of my life, namely my relationship with money, and also in my own personal growth/spirituality through the practice of yoga and meditation.  Through coaching, I have found it possible to set intentions and follow-through with a purposeful mindset in both areas.  I’d say I went from being a 3 out of 10 rating to 9 out of 10 after having completed her Overcoming Underearning™ seminar, which I believe can help anyone improve their relationship towards money.

In regards to my yoga practice/meditation, I had heard for years the term “setting an intention," but looking back now I see that the phrase had no real meaning for me until I met and worked with Maripat. So it’s not an exaggeration to say that I went from being a 0 out of 10 to perhaps 7 out of 10, but to give a true sense of my progress in this regard, it’s more like the first scoring is in microns and the second measured in light years!

Thomas Van Housen; PC/Mac Guru


Maripat illuminates true inner peace, which is so inviting.  As I freak out over life-changing decisions, Maripat gets me centered so I can make the appropriate decision.  She continues to help me personally and professionally. 

Heather Smith, Licensed Massage Professional




Maripat has coached me through some hard times and some great times. She is the most supportive person I know. She played a big part in helping me realize and achieve a few major milestones in the past 4 years. Buying my first house was one of those achievements. I can remember sitting in Maripat’s office and describing to her exactly the kind of place I wanted to live.  I moved from limited to expansive thinking through her coaching.

Beth Reiki; Yoga instructor, Massage Therapist, Life Coach


I started life coaching with Maripat over 7 years ago and I can truly say it has been the best gift I have ever given myself! Before I started my coaching journey I was stuck, not knowing how to get my life going again. Maripat’s guidance, support and honest feedback taught me to embrace life and find my true purpose. I found the love of yoga to the point of becoming a certified yoga instructor.  Here’s where her coaching taught me so much about being authentic and real not only in teaching yoga but in my career, family, and all my relationships.  Maripat draws on her own inner work, her passion and her creativity making working with her a truly rewarding experience. I never imagined the changes that have taken place in my life today as a result of working with Maripat and I can’t thank her enough.  

Bev Matheys; Treasurer/Accounts Manager




As a leader of many business professionals, groups and activities, I don’t have anyone that I can use as a sounding board. I actually had 2-way conversations with myself – and THAT didn’t lead to good results. When I started coaching with Maripat, I was at 2 out of 10 in my marriage. The coaching helped me to put a very real plan into action. Without that plan, I may never have had the tenacity to follow through on divorcing. And the parting was done very amicably, which also was part of the plan. Now I’m thriving in a healthy partnership at an 8 out of 10. Also, since  I’m no longer held down by an unhappy marriage, I’ve been able to pursue many new career opportunities, and that life category also moved from a 2 to an 8 with total ease.

LP; Health care professional/consultant 




Before working with Maripat, I was getting only 2 – 3 hours of sleep a night. Despite sleep aids like Melatonin, nothing was working, and my uninterrupted sleep time was only 45 minutes. Exhaustion, inability to concentrate and anger were my constant companions. I decided to try a gentle yoga class, and found my favorite part to be the final relaxation at the end. In an effort to extend that experience and help me to sleep longer and more deeply, Maripat suggested I try one of her guided meditations right before bed. After just a few listens, the amount of time I remained asleep increased. Since I track this on my phone, it was easy to measure. Now I’m happy to report I stay asleep on average 6-7 hours a night, with 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. As a result, I’m able to concentrate more, my memory has improved and anger has decreased. I’ve discovered that calming the mind is absolutely key for me to reverse sleep disorders, and guided meditations are an important part of my overall wellness program.

Aaron S. Flook; Lead Photographer, http://www.aaronsflookphotography.com




Maripat has a keen intuitive sense that guided our sessions perfectly. She knew exactly what to focus on, and created an experience that helped me to integrate my conflicting thoughts. Before working with her, I was unclear about what direction to take in several areas of my life. After our sessions, I was so much clearer on what I really wanted and why I wanted it. Maripat’s guidance was objective and non-judgmental. She helped me get in touch with my inner self, which had the answers all along.

Kathryn Andries, Author, Speaker, Teacher;  KathrynAndies.com  



I’ve worked with Maripat both in one-on-one guidance and in her Overcoming Underearning™ seminar. Maripat’s approach is professional, open, and inspiring. I always feel comfortable sharing both business and personal ‘struggles’ with her and she is excellent at helping me clear a path to solutions. I highly recommend her coaching and her seminars, and would not hesitate to join her other ventures if that’s what my life called for in the future.

Maribeth Conard; Graphic Designer, Conard Creative 



Maripat has been on Team Sarah for over a decade.  I cannot imagine my life without our calls.  I'm also not sure I can sum up what working with a coach has shifted, added, clarified, honed, created in my life in just a paragraph! My time with Maripat is a gift in my self-care routine each month.  There is a magic that happens, and each time I open up that energy on the call, new insights, awarenesses and clear next steps emerge.  While I realize that part of the success of my time lies with my openness; I believe with all my heart that Maripat has a gift for being present with a person.  A gift for listening, reflecting back and helping that person find THEIR best answer.  We all have our own unique path to travel in this life.  Of course it makes sense to have a coach who can guide you personally, support you, help you find your best path.  For me personally, this path involved giving birth in an empowered way (at home!), making choices about intentional living in our family, and guiding my relationship with my body, my past and my present, so that I can truly create a life that is fulfilling, joy-filled, and connects me with the greater whole of humanity.  


Sarah Lame; Parent Educator & First Three Years Program Coordinator




You have started a cycle of abundance in me.
I feel it in all aspects of my life and I just can’t thank you enough.

Robyn Hussa Farrell, MFA, RYT; Founder, Mental Fitness



Our couple’s yoga experience with Maripat was both relaxing and re-centering. Her studio’s environment is very peaceful and she patiently guided us through our session.  In such a rushed and busy world, we recommend spending time with Maripat for an opportunity to experience a peaceful and calming “timeout” individually or as a couple.

Alex and Petra Mauer; Owners, Spark Signs & Graphics


Maripat was both thoughtful and direct in her life coaching. She helped me double my income, and break through my fear barriers. I look forward to working with her again, knowing that with every session I gain confidence and am given the tools to reach my goals. I would recommend Maripat to anyone who wants to improve their life, increase their income, and get clear on what’s been holding them back. Many thanks to you Maripat! Love and Namaste.

Lara H., Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Yoga Peeps


I attended Maripat’s yoga retreat  without really knowing what to expect. I met some of the most amazing women ever, and had an experience that I can describe as the highlight of my summer! I loved every yoga session, every learning session, and even our free time was full of new and fun opportunities (like kayaking Green Bay when it looked like an ocean!!). I have this year’s dates on my calendar – wouldn’t miss it! Thank you, Maripat – can’t wait to see you again!

Margie B., Illinois


My journey with Maripat Abbott as my business coach has been a phenomenal experience. Maripat brings such wisdom, professionalism and intuition to her work.
She has helped me grow in countless ways, and most specifically in areas of personal leadership and personal power. The  Overcoming Underearning™ class helped prepare me to increase my business growth 10% in one month!

Pam Hoffmann

My awareness and understanding of the role money has played in my life became so clear in the Overcoming Underearning™ class with Maripat. I had a huge ‘AHA!’, and then a shift in my thinking. In the 5 weeks I was in the class I bought a new car and saved money by doing so, and my income increased 25%. I have already recommended this class to friends, and will continue to do so. I consider this a business AND life changing experience.

Wendy Welch

Taking Maripat’s Overcoming Underearning class was a big ‘aha’ for me. Thanks to the class I have a new understanding of my belief about money…and where that belief came from. That understanding is helping me create my new belief that having lots of money is a good thing and I am deserving of all that I desire.

Daleen Maxwell

I had read parts of the Overcoming Underearning book on my own but it didn’t really become relevant to me until I took the class. It was great to have some accountability. There is something about having a group of people also checking in each week that makes it easier to keep your commitments to yourself.

I feel that the work I did on the call with Maripat — and that I’m now doing as follow up — is pivotal for me and my family. I’ve done many workshops and read many books regarding personal finance and this feels like THE one that we’ll be talking about years from now as a turning point for our family. I highly recommend that you take the tele-class. Reading the book on your own doesn’t even compare!


My participation in the Overcoming Underearning™ course with Maripat kicked off a new way of being around money. I no longer think that it’s enough just to get by paycheck to paycheck, when I am worthy of so much more. My previous beliefs around work and money no longer serve me. Now I celebrate abundance and see it flowing into my life.

Beth R.

I had taken some other workshops and classes about the spirituality of money and getting clear on this issue, but with this one, I was able to see and shift some patterns and ways of thinking that haven’t served me well. Maripat is an incredible facilitator and mentor, she is able to tune-in to our individual stories at the same time honoring us and moving us forward as a group. I always felt much supported, (and very “heard,”) and that is important to me. I highly recommend this teleclass with Maripat!

Wendy H.

Before taking this series, I ignored money and pushed it under the rug. I was waiting for my “knight in shining armor” to show up and take care of me. It was a part of my life that I had no ownership around. Now I have shifted into a place of financial independence around my business and personal life. I’ve hired an accountant, updated my money software programs, created a budget, increased my rates, and am mentoring with someone that inspires me to be even more powerful around money. I have faced my money fears and am now standing in my power.

Kris F.

The one area of my life that I hadn’t fully dealt with was money. This series guided me to a place of clarity around this topic, and I am finally able to say that I have gotten clearer about that part of my life.

I used to believe that keeping track of money hampered my freedom, now I realize that tracking money creates even more freedom. Now that I’ve committed to an income goal, I am able to get into alignment with the kind of behaviors and actions needed to meet that goal. I enjoy promoting myself now. The group energy was really safe, and I never felt rushed. It was helpful to be in a setting with all women.

Virginia S.